Do you deliver and set up?
Yes we deliver all tents and set all tents up.

Do you charge for delivery? If so, what are your delivery fees?
Yes, we charge for delivery. There are a lot of factors that determine delivery fees. Distance from office, amount of order, other orders in area.

Do you charge for installation?
Our tent price, includes installation and take down.

What time will you deliver my items?
We like to deliver tents a day early. Sometimes weather and take downs don’t allow us this luxury so we guarantee delivery 2 hours before your event start time.

What if I need a special time for delivery or pick-up?
If you are throwing a surprise party and need the tent installed at a specific time we can accommodate most installs.

How can I be sure the tent will fit at my event location?
If you are not sure you can call us and we will measure for a $50.00 fee that will be credited back to you when you sign a contract.

Can you install tents on concrete, decks, patios or driveways?
This is our specialty. All our tents are architecturally approved for severe weather conditions.

Can you install a tent on a sloped lawn?
Yes, sloped lawns do not affect frame tents.

What should I do about underground electrical wire or sprinkler systems?
You need to call a local finding service. Your electrical company can give you a number of there locator service and they are normally free.

Do I have to be home for delivery?
If you are paid in full and there is a drawing on file where your tent is to be installed then no. If you still owe rental or deposit then, yes.

Do I need to be present when the equipment is installed?
See above.

Can I mow my lawn the day the tent is being set up?
Yes we would advise this. Also clean all clippings around tent area. You need to be finished before we get there.

When will my tent and equipment be set up and taken down?
We like to deliver tents a day early. Sometimes weather and take downs don’t allow us this luxury so we guarantee delivery 2 hours before your event start time.

Do your personnel set up the equipment?
All our own employees set up our equipment. We do not use any day help. Our personnel have been with us for years.

Can I pick-up my rental items?
You can not pick up your rental tent all other items you can pick up.

Is there a fee for equipment pick-up?

Should I do anything with the items before you pick them up?
All items should be cleaned before we pick them up or you will be charged a cleaning fee.

Do you offer rental packages?
Yes, we offer tent rental and chair, and table packages.

Do you have a minimum order?

How do I know which size tent I need?
You need to determine how many guest you are going to have and what other items may take up room under the tent.

What’s the biggest tent you’ve got?
Currently our biggest tent is a 50 x 200 for 1000 people sitting at tables.

How do I get a quote for my party or event?
Go to free estimate on the home page.

How can I make a reservation?
When you sign a quote and your deposit or rental is collected then you have a reservation.

How far in advance should I place my order to reserve equipment for my party or event?
As soon as you know you are going to have the party. Don’t wait because other customers are also placing orders.

Do you rent linen?

How many linen colors can I choose from?
We carry a larger selection of colors.

In what kind of condition is your equipment?
Our equipment is all in good condition.

Are your wedding tents different from your normal event tents?
Yes our wedding tents are new within one year.

What are your business hours?
We start delivering at 5:00am and stop at night.

What geographic areas do you serve?
We will install almost any area depending on time and size job.

What if there is a problem or emergency with my rental and you are closed after hours?
We are never closed. You will get an emergency number to call if you have a tent set up.

How can I reach you after business hours and/or on weekends?
You will get an emergency number to call if you have a tent set up.

How long can I rent the items for?
Rentals are based on 24 hour rental from time it leaves our facility till it arrives back into inventory.

Do I need a permit for my tent?
Some municipalities do require permits.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes we are.

What happens if items are damaged or lost?
The cost of the items will come out of your deposit. It here is not enough money to cover the item you will be billed. If you do not pay within 30 days we will sue for the monies and the lost revenue. Until the items are returned or paid for you are still renting them at a per day cost.

Is there a damage waiver?
Yes. But a damage waiver will not cover items that are lost or stolen.

Are your tents fire retardant?
Our tents are all certified under federal guidelines for fire protection. Our tents are certified for all permits. We do not set up pop up tents or any cheap tents that are not fire retardant or architecturally designed.

What happens if it is supposed to rain the day my tent is to be set up?
If we see it is going to rain and you allow us we will set up the tent ahead of time. We have set up a tent three days before the event if we see it is going to rain. It’s a judgment call for all parties including our other customers.

What happens if I refuse an item you are delivering?
We carry extra items in the trucks. All items are inspected before they are released to the customers.

When do I need to make payment?
As soon as you want the event items. The longer you wait the more likely the items may not be available.

When is final payment due?
30 days before the event date unless you have made prior arrangements.

Do you require a deposit?

Is my deposit added to my total invoice?
No your deposit is in addition to your rental cost.

When do I receive my deposit back?
Most deposits are returned within 7 days from the completion of the event items pick up.

What if I need to cancel my rental? What is your cancellation policy?
Depending on the event your deposit will be returned in full if you cancel within 90 days of the event date.

How does pricing work?
Pricing is determined by market area, demand, cost to replace item, number of times the item will go out for rental before it is not rentable.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept monthly payments.

What are your payment terms?
Check, cash, wire or charge. 30 days six months. It depends on how big the event is and how far in advance the event is.

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